Filmmakers first, drone cinematographers second, as a husband and wife team, we have spent hours refining our approach to filmmaking.

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I think we can all agree that drones can produce amazing footage that until a few years ago, was strictly the preserve of Hollywood. Shots we couldn’t have imagined being possible are now accessible to all of us and as such, we must seize that opportunity with both hands, filmmakers and drone pilots alike. However, as cinema, TV, YouTube and social media flood our senses with aerial imagery, audiences have quickly become more discerning in differentiating between “just a drone shot” and stunning aerial cinematography.

Filmmakers first, drone cinematographers second. As a husband and wife team, we have spent years refining our approach to filmmaking.


Latest Testimonials

Fantastic video!!!!! Thank you for your time, talent and energy in capturing some great moments!

Michelle McQueen | Quincy Freedom Fest

Latest Testimonials

Hey guys, I was just introduced to your page/videos...I was born and raised about 150 miles from Quincy, Illinois until my parents loaded up the truck and moved to San Diego, CA. I have to tell you, these songs and videos just made me play them over and over again...I was dancin' and feeling the music and the people in the videos. So why am I messaging you...I wanted to share this everywhere and I was only able to share it here on FB. Is there a way to get these videos out to everyone? Please let me know as there a millions of people needing and hoping for 'exactly' what these songs and videos are all about. Thank you and I am very happy that my friend introduced me to you!

Candice Morrissey | Rally

Latest Testimonials

Thanks to Reel Duo Productions for another awesome video! Your talent and contribution to our community and freedom is recognized and appreciated.

Steve McQueen | Quincy Freedom Fest